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Tisch Family Band

Irish or bluegrass, depending on who's taking the lead



The Tisch Family Band comes from Cobleskill, NY, and frequently performs in concert venues throughout Schoharie County and the Capital District.  With Dave on 5-string banjo and Pam on flute, the husband and wife duo are known for their windy Irish airs, and take their repertoire from noted and more obscure jigs and reels, backwoods bluegrass, and polkas.  The sound of the Tisch Family Band, with varying arrangements and orchestration, are attuned for every occasion and venue, from the intimate private party, nursing home visit or wedding to the festive craft fair, festival or farmers’ market.



Gretchen and Emilie enjoying a whistle duet.



The Tisch Family formed in 1980 and sprouted three fine musicians, Erich, Emilie and Gretchen, soon thereby, to make five.  It was decided in 1995 that the family unit would be deemed a band; hence, the Tisch Family Band!  Two silver flutes, a banjo, a guitar, a fiddle, whistles, and a bit of stepdance composed the ensemble.  Today our performing group is once again a flute and banjo duo, although on occasion Dave and Pam can be graced with the presence of their children, adding to the mix through instrumentation or with the pizzazz of Irish step dance.  

Erich and Emilie jamming with their dad.

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At the farmers' market

Wedding performance

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